King Rhyloth and the Iron Spring

Session #3

I said what, what?

So We stayed the night at the Eriye, woke up and chit chatted with Lord Arryn. He wanted us to SKIP the reclamation of Stoneclad and instead focus our attention on showing up are river run with a huge army. we bargained with him to let us reclaim Stoneclad and then head to river run.

So we headed off (after joining forces with a couple shady ne’er do wells) with 300 men from Lord Arryn. We were ambushed in the night by scattered barbarians, we slaughtered them easily. just before one died he handed us a note saying that Averio had put a price on my sons and my head.

even more troubling was when we headed back to StoneClad, it seemed to be in fine enough shape except Averio killed my wife and kidnapped my boys… Im getting too old for this shit…

Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn



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