Maester Tassadar

An old man who's physical disabilities have forced him to survive and thrive with words.


Tassadar was born on the outskirts of the Reach. He dreamed of one day being an accomplished warrior and general for the ruler of the 7 kingdoms. He practiced as a boy day and night with his sword but suffered a terrible leg injury during his childhood that insured that he would never be able to run again.

His parents sent him to the citadel instead, where he was forced to train as a maester. He had a brilliant tactical mind for warfare and it translated well into the more classical skill set required for the maesters. He continued training his swordsmanship in secret however, with a teacher from the house Hightower who took pity on him. He trained to work around his disability, using people’s tendency to underestimate his slow speed and frail form to his advantage for surprise attacks.

Upon completing his studies he was assigned to the house Embryn where he left his old name and allegiances behind him.

Maester Tassadar

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