Ser Arles Tarray Farfolk

A Noble man, and knighted warrior to the north


Short Kept Black hair and Brown eyes Embodies northern men.


Raised as a likely Knight, from a young age tried to master Sword fighting. His father sent him to Walter Braffin a venerable Knight. He became Braffins Prodigy, This is where he also met Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn the two would go seeking adventure in the untamed north, slaying bandits and exploring the deepest woods. When Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn received news that his rightful seat had been supplanted they both rode to Stoneclad to kill Averio Embryn.

Later at Walter Braffins Funeral Arles met with Madelin the two quickly became closely acquainted, but it would be years more before they told anyone of there romance. Arles was Knighted by Vaughn stark for his skill in tournament. He was given a small but fruitful lands in the far north. It wasnt until he built his home he asked for Madelin Embryns hand. Although she accepted and lives in StormsBluff his hometown the two have not yet married.

Ser Arles Tarray Farfolk

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