Remus Greyjoy

Lord of House Greyjoy and Hand of the King


Remus Greyjoy’s childhood was not one to be envied. The life of an heir to Pyke is not an easy one. His father, Titus, wanted son to lead the way he had; by example. The men of the Iron Islands take by force and any man who wants to sit upon Seastone Chair must prove himself worthy of leading among the most hardened men in Westeros. Titus sent his son away at the age of 9 to serve among Greyjoy fleet. Remus had always felt that was his way avoid being a father.

Remus ended up spending more years years aboard a ship than many of the Iron Islands most seasoned veteran. Eventually Remus lead a fleet of ships, lead by his own the Heir of Iron. But Remus’s most powerful was his keen and calculating mind, he understood battle tactics better than captains with decades more experience. And the formidable force that had become known himself as Storm’s Bane have a war to test his mettle. In the year of the Three Wars, House Frey was in open rebellion against house Tully. Mace Tully, the Lord of his house, made a deal with Titus to ensure victory against the Freys. If the Greyjoy forces raided ships associated with the Freys as well as sent men to the mainland to fight alongside the Tully bannermen, they Iron Islands would be granted sovereignty over Seaguard and The Twins. Longing to restore the days of a larger Greyjoy empire Titus accepted this deal.

In 11 short months Remus and his forces were able to sack make short work of any ship or port that even met with Frey emissaries. And when the Greyjoy forces joined the Tully bannermen they made short work of what fighting was left to be done. House Frey quickly conceded and it seemed a victorious time for the Iron Islands. But Mace Tully reneged on his deal and instead installed the last living Frey to guard The Towers, ensuring that the fear of rebellion would keep them in check. The Tully’s then turned on the Greyjoy forces and forced them back up on the Iron Islands. Mace had decided that the Greyjoy’s were to dangerous of force to be left unchecked and more land meant more Ironborn men that could easily conquer the less battled hardend Riverlands soldiers. With a defeated force Remus returned home to a dying and disappointed father. Remus swore to the drowned god the day his father died he would have vengeance on those who had wronged his house.

Remus then spent years rebuilding and reforming his holdings. He made a very lucrative deal with House Lannister, providing protection to shipments of gold leaving Casterly Rock and the Westerlands. With this money and favor of an established house Remus was able to gain favor and eventually entered the society of King’s Landing. But Remus needed no gold or favor, he needed to take what was his. To pay the iron price. And when the Queen died and Remus saw an opportunity to gain the most power of any Greyjoy who had preceded him. He prayed on King Rhyloth’s fear of rebellion in the Seven Kingdoms and made the King believe the Greyjoy fleet would protect him from any foe who could take them by sea and the Lannister forces and bannermen could protect them by land. Remus forged himself as Hand and with that he had the ultimate tool to take what he felt was owed and much much more.

Remus Greyjoy

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