Lady Madelin Sarrey Embryn

Sister of Lord Bren, planning to marry Ser Arles Tarray Farfolk


Madelin was the youngest of the Embryn’s, and as such she had no great plans she would mostly likely be wed by her father to some neighboring towns noblemen in exchange for a road or some trade. And she resented this, she took it upon herself to try and run away as many times as possible. Every time she failed she would learn something new a new skill or a new way out of StoneClad which she saw not as protection but as a prison. She didnt care much for her oldest brother Gabriel the VII seeing as there was a 16 year age gap between them, especially after he became lord. As much as she claimed to protested her father she knew her brother would pawn her off as soon as possible to gain favor from someone. So she gathered her things and headed off to find her other brother Brenard Kysell Embryn she had never really met him she was only 6 when he.

She explored long and far for her brother who she had been told was studying before a godsworn in the south. When she finally found him, after years of traveling he was in a small town in the north known as Hailstone. He wasnt training from a Godsworn, like her Uncle Averio had told her, He was training for combat. She delivered Bren the news of their fathers death, and headed home. Thankful she had such an adventure. She almost didnt return home but Her accompaniment of guards wouldnt stand for it in such a dangerous area as the mountains of the moons.

When the Black Ear bandits attacked she learned the importance of combat, something she didnt see little need for before then. And when her uncle became Lord of StoneClad she wished to leave to learn how to fight. But her uncle had plans to sell her to Bravios in exchange for a few Elite loyal personal gaurds. She Found herself imploring her skills of Escape once more time. She ran into the woods near by with a gamesmen and his wife. When she heard that the keep was being retaken by Bren she went back and Rejoyced with Bren. Secretly courting with Arles Tarray Farfolk as well.

When Bren and Madelin went to The funeral for Walter Braffin she met with Arles again, this time they spoke of there fondness for one another and talked of marriage but Arles wouldnt accept it. Eventually Arles Became knighted and asked for her hand, she accepted and headed to the northern town of StormBluff to await his company. She never forgot how Bren saved her from a life of arranged marriage.


Lady Madelin Sarrey Embryn

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