King Rhyloth Targaryen

Lord of House Targaryen and King of the Seven Kingdoms


Rhyloth Targaryen became king of Westeros at a young age when his father Adon II died suddenly. His mother, Queen Versie, did her best to imbue honor and principals in the young king. And for a time the people of Westeros enjoyed the reign of a energetic and benevolent King. Rhyloth enjoyed games and sport at that time, especially those of his younger brother Rhogar a melee and fencing champion and commander of the Phoenix Legion.

But time would not prove kind to the young king and as his reign continued his mind eroded. Aging herself Queen Versie sought to keep order and do her best to put a shield between the King and the subjects he might abuse if he continued to deteriorate. She married him to his first cousin Lilie and made her betrothed the Hand of the King. In doing so Vaughn Stark and Lilie Targaryen, acting as Hand and Queen, were able to safeguard the Seven Kingdoms from Rhyloth’s deteriorating state for decades.

But in recent years that shield has been shattered. The King has become enthralled with the obsession that there is a rebellion to his rule coming from somewhere within Westeros. Now the Small Council can do little to safeguard the kingdoms against Rhyloth’s worsening madness. And serpents who have lied in wait have seized the opportunity for power and favor, throwing the delicate balance of the kingdom into disarray. Now Rhyloth’s legacy and the fate of Westeros stand at a crossroads.

King Rhyloth Targaryen

King Rhyloth and the Iron Spring CapJimWest