House Embryn & The StoneClad Keep

"We dont need roads"


Defense:……..4 – Superior Castle
Influence:….3 – Two Sons
Land:………….0 – Hill, Light Forest, Hamlet, grasslands, stream
Pop:……………1 – Elite Guerrillas, Elite Infintry
Wealth:……..1 – Maester, mine

Historical Events
+ Victory
+ Ascension
- Decline


The plot of land that now holds StoneClad was awarded to A Captain Foren for his excellent service in the initial Andol Invasion of the mountains of the moon. Unfortunately the Hill was inhabited by first men tribes, Captain Foren took a few of his best men and set out to claim the land and drive away the Barbarians. It was a bloody battle and said to escalate this Captains glory even further. Although the Captain’s last name was Foren at this time, he changed it to reflect his new found Lordship. He formed House Embryn, The sigil of a goat is to reflect the harsh mountainous terrain and endurance of the strong people who live here. Seeing as its in a relatively secluded area, the Words “We don’t need roads” is also a reflection of the people, who climb mountains and pass Bogs to get from one keep to another.

An individual who oversees the defense of the house. Generally, a castellan
only serves when the lord is away or otherwise unable to see to
this task himself.

An individual who cares for the family’s financial concerns. Often, a
maester handles this business.

Instructor, advisor, and healer, the maester is a valued member of the
lord’s court. You only have a maester if you invest in one.

A priest of the Faith, septons act as spiritual advisors and mentors. You
only have a septon if you invested in a sept.

The individual who oversees the household guard. Generally, this role exists
only if your family invested in a Garrison. The master commands any household
guards and your garrison. A master-at-arms also often instructs the
boys and young men of the household in fighting and leads weapons drills.

The individual in charge of the care, training, and acquisition of steeds.
This master commands a number of stableboys and grooms.

An individual who oversees hunting expeditions. Sometimes filled by
the same individual who maintains the hounds.

The person who trains, cares for, and feeds the hounds.
Vassal Knights
Swords sworn to the lord. These may be hedge knights, but they can
also be landed knights who have come to serve the lord and advance
their own renown.

Servants, blacksmiths, heralds, pages, squires, cooks, scullions, messengers,
scouts, wards, children of servants, and more round out your
household. Most of these characters are “invisible” and work behind the
scenes to ensure your household functions.

House Embryn & The StoneClad Keep

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