Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn

Lord of the Stoneclad keep and its town of High Crossing


Age: 48
Gender: Male
Height:6 feet
Hair: D.Brown
Eyes: Green

A stern man, honest to a fault.
A Scar on his left cheek from a battle long forgotten.

early life

Brenard Kysell Embryn, was the third born of 5 children, and the second born son. His Brother Gabriel wilett Embryn VII was the hier toStoneclad, which worked perfectly for Bren as he hated Formal dinners, Consolations meetings and especially weddings and parties. He preferred scouting the neighboring woods with the Stone Stride Rangers, or traveling with his Uncle Averio Embryn.

As a young man Brenard was talked into going into the Nights Watch, due to the increase in wildling attacks and the encroaching winter was suppose to be the worst in recent memory. His decision being a secret to his family, He confided in his Uncle who told him of a great Warrior named Walter Braffin, who could help him train for the coming dangers. Averio telling Bren’s father Gabriel willett Embryn VI That He was Learning from A great godsworn priest to the south.

Bren’s rise to the throne

It was years before Bren heard back from his family, His youngest sister Madelin Traveled to find him in the small northern town of Hailstone. She brought news that their father had died and His Brother now rules the keep, The Town Maester and Their uncle Averio by his side. He was saddened but couldn’t be persuaded out of his decision to take the oath of the nights watch.

The morning of his trip to the wall Maester rode into hailstone wounded, he told Bren that Averio had gathered a hundred mountain raiders of the Black ears and staged an attack against the Stoneclad although almost impenetrable from such attacks, Averio knew of all the blind spots. the raid killed many but most importantly killed his mother and brother. Parading himself as the hero that drove away the bandits Averio now sits in the Stoneclad throne. Brenard couldnt believe that someone he trusted and was so close to would betray his entire family for such a thing. He asked Arles Tarray Farfolk a minor northern house, his best friend and fellow student of Walter Braffin to fight along side him to regain his families honor.

They did so and Brens appearance was a shock to Averio as he thought Bren would have already taken the Crows oath, forfeiting him from all inheritances. Bren challenged Averio for the throne, their battle was short lived the warrior had trained Bren well, taking off two fingers (pinky and ring on his left hand)from Averio’s hand. Averio, however managed to escape by using madelin as a human shield as he fled.

Later years

Bren sat in his rightful throne in the Stoneclad, he resented Averio for killing his mother and brother, He resented the fact that he had to know act in behalf of the realm, He resented his name for breaking the historical Gabriel Wilett Embryn line, but most of all he resented himself for deceiving his family and not being there to protect his mother and brother against his uncle. For Years he sat in a deep depression leaving Stoneclad keep rarely, Until a large group of bandits attacked. Bren and his personal guard were able to deal with them swiftly but with many green infantrymen and villagers dead Bren knew how he could help. He began to train the boys and men of the village the ways of Walter Braffin, and in time they became a fearsome force. Bren increased the size of The Stone Stride Rangers to help keep the bandits from attacking travelers and towns alike.

But just as He grew more comfortable with his title, Walter Braffin fell ill and died. He traveled north with his youngest sister Madelin Embryn to attend his funeral. Once again seeing Arles Tarray Farfolk, and there Bren met someone, Walter Braffins Niece Ernis Clepia a beautiful women from the Riverlands. The two met frequently after the funeral and soon after became married. Bren wanted to expand his town and keep to impress Ernis, who was used to large cities. Bren and the Maester worked closely to expand trade to High Crossing, but while Birthing there first Child Ernis became ill with a fever and Died, Luckly able to save the child. Yet another Reminder to Bren of his Short comings. shortly after Madelin told Bren she wished to marry Arles and Go with him to StormsBluff. Although Bren was delighted at her wish, he knew this would mean she would live hundreds of miles away.

Since then Bren has Remarried and had two children with his wife Sona Vaqidia From The mistwoods in the stormlands, the marriage was arranged by The Arryn’s.

Family tree

Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn

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