King Rhyloth and the Iron Spring

2nd Session

King pussy bodyguard and the Iron cup

So we were all having dinner, when the Thane was like yo my boy here could totally stand up to one of your elite trained dudes. so I was like, dude, son kick his ass. my boy after like one swing from OWNED HIm!

we were all like

so then after that the thane was like oh well i got owned better go to bed, but I usually have someone guarding me. and we well that is a pusss move but whatever, Safron you better gaird this dude. And I was like Saf, seriously tho, steal this dudes seal so I can impersonate him.

So she did but the thane woke up and was like


and she wasnt having none of it

so she threw a cup at him, and it must have had an edge because that dude straight up DIED. So she came to ME and I was like yo go talk to Maester Tassadar

so he and my son disposed of the body in some way shape or form and as they were doing that I was forging a letter under the name of the thane, because his letter was like Stoneclad is ours for the taking. Although I guess he had some coded message in there or something because they automatically must have known it wasnt from him.

so then my friend Ser Arles Tarray Farfolk came over and was like WTF is going on guys? And we were like dont ask and he was like seriously WTF? and so I explained. eventually we go to the Arryns and they arrested us. and we explained. and we just found out my dick uncle Averio Embryn has besieged the StoneClad.

and now im like




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