King Rhyloth and the Iron Spring

1st Session

AKA Who's the Rule?

It was Spring in the Mountains of the moon, a bitter sweet time for those who dwell in the Mountains of the Moon. On one hand the harsh winter had passed and once again those who live in the tear of the mountain can Plant crops, hunt game, and travel and trade the rubies mined under the hill, however this also means an increase in Mountain gang attacks!

Safryn Stone was tending to her cabin when she noticed a raven with a message had just flown in with a note stamped with the seal of house Targaryan. She quickly “mounted” her horse and traveled to the keeps hall. Lord Brenard Kysell Embryn was sitting upon the Stone Throne an ancient seat of remarkable craftsmanship, as it was mined as one large stone with several rubies protruding from the stone. She delivered the letter, revealing that King Rhyloth Targaryen has assigned a governor or “Thane” to the major houses of Westeros and he would need to stay at our keep. A common request perhaps but not from the king himself.

We took a small formation of soldiers and went to meet Thane Greyjoy at the town of Black Water bay, ambushed on the way we managed to talk the mountain men into peace and to come to the Stonekeep to hopefully negotiate a deal perhaps food for information on the other mountain tribes movements. He heard of Averio Embryn who “moves from tribe to collecting an army”.

We reached Black Water Bay and stayed the night in the serpents fang inn, we saw a man who had discovered a body with a strange amulet claiming it belonged to the rumored Phoenix Legion. He recognized me and decided to bet me a gold dragon I couldnt have one of my men knock a goblet from his hand. Safryn did so with and Bren paid the man and took his amulet.

Later we met the Thane seems like a reasonable and nice guy, we returned to Stonekeep without any problems. Once we did The Thane, Bren, and The Maester discussed the finacial future of stonekeep, it ended on a positive note for the house, it was all look good…. too good….

Later that night, Bren was awoken by the news that the Thane was found dead! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!



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